Snow Fall Characters

Morgan Snow

Dark, and sometimes brooding, can best describe this complex character. Morgan’s raven black hair, deep blue eyes, and disarming smile make him seem warm and personable, while his imposing build and deadly combative skills make him a formidable adversary to be reckoned with. Employing a variety of skills and a network of resources to call upon, Morgan’s quick wit, sharp mind, and unorthodox approach to handling any situation insure that he will prevail against any opposition. He does whatever it takes to get the job done – period.

Tess Mallory

A blonde haired, blue eyed southern beauty from the great state of Alabama, Tess is a rookie FBI agent fresh out of the academy. In her first field assignment, Tess manages to stumble upon a string of strategically orchestrated murders which not only range from coast to coast, but span the globe. Her wide eyed naïveté is quickly shaken as she enters Morgan’s realm, and is thrust into a world of high-tech assassins and an ongoing struggle for her life.

Tracy Hobbs

Free spirited is the description that most often comes to mind when someone first meets this attractive redhead. Tess is not quite sure what to make out of Tracy when she first starts rooming with the adventuresome lass. Some might say that Tracy is promiscuous, while others might characterize it a different way, but to Tracy, she is simply sampling what life has to offer, and enjoying life to its fullest.

Ricky Turner

A boy in a man’s body, Ricky is the textbook definition of a nerd. Ricky is a brilliant electronics specialist whose computer expertise and knowledge of spy gear make him an invaluable asset in Morgan’s collection of resources. Causing Morgan no end of frustration, Ricky’s habit of dressing like a twelve year old boy at a sleepover, his unkempt head of brown hair, perpetual beard stubble, and lack of focus are a constant strain on Morgan’s patience, but Ricky’s undeniable skill and knowledge make him a crucial member of Morgan’s entourage.