Jim Scott

Author of Snow Fall & Snow Angel

Thus, I died

Posted By on Feb 22, 2019

So I’m standing in line at the Pearly Gates (Yes me!), and the guy behind me asks, ‘How did you die?’  I was killed by a ball of wool, my friend.  I’ll explain what occurred as best I can, my fellow traveler.  Once upon a time while vacationing in Nova Scotia, we ventured into a wool dispensary.  Why?  Because it was there.  My wife decides that we simply must have not one, not two, not even three, but four magical wool balls.  If you...

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Logic Train

Posted By on Jun 24, 2018

So, anyone and everyone can tell you that I am world renowned for my people skills and that standing in line and then talking to a cashier about what I intend to do with the asparagus that I am buying are some of my all-time favorite things to do.  You see, I just love to no end trying to get down an aisle in a grocery store which is clogged by carts of people who either are looking at the cans on the shelf with utter amazement, as if...

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Roadside Assistance

Posted By on Oct 8, 2017

So, first of all, I’ll admit, I’m no mechanic, but I’m not completely unfamiliar with the territory.  Yesterday, I am driving home from Guthrie, Oklahoma after attending a function.  I hear a noise and then a few minutes later my tire blows out.  The outer sidewall is blown.  I get to the side of the highway and come to a stop.  AWESOME.  Who doesn’t love changing a tire, especially when you are wearing a suit?  So, I’m a guy, gotta...

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The Little Wave

Posted By on Sep 14, 2017

Whatever happened to it?  Do you even remember it?  I mean, sure, you see it every now and again, but it used to be the thing.  Everyone did it.  It was just a common everyday event.  You know what I am talking about, don’t you?  You remember the wave, right?  No, I don’t mean the wave that fans do at a sporting event.  I am talking about the wave that one driver would give to the other driver as a simple gesture of thanks for letting...

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