The Little Wave

Posted By Jim Scott on Sep 14, 2017 |

Whatever happened to it?  Do you even remember it?  I mean, sure, you see it every now and again, but it used to be the thing.  Everyone did it.  It was just a common everyday event.  You know what I am talking about, don’t you?  You remember the wave, right?  No, I don’t mean the wave that fans do at a sporting event.  I am talking about the wave that one driver would give to the other driver as a simple gesture of thanks for letting them onto the road or letting them go first.  Sometimes you got the wave for other reasons as well.  Sometimes it was the ‘Yeah, I know I’m a dumbass and I know that lane ends – NOW – so thanks for letting me in and I will now wave while averting my eyes in humiliation’.

Today I had to drive to the north side of the city and twice, no wave.  Once I slowed down to let a guy on the highway – no wave.  Unless this guy was the biggest idiot in the world, it should have been abundantly obvious to him that I slowed down and let him on.  I didn’t have to, but I did, and no wave.  He just drove on off and left me after all I had done for him.  He would be heading down the off-ramp was it not for me, but did he bother to offer even a quickie wave?  No sir, he did not.  He just drove off.  Used me and cast me to the wayside.

This lady pulled a bonehead move.  It was a four lane road.  I am in the second lane from the left.  The leftmost lane peels off to go to Amarillo, so I am about to be in the leftmost lane.  This lady, who was in that left lane that headed to Amarillo, suddenly realized that she did not want to go to Amarillo, so she starts driving on the shoulder.  There was one problem with that plan – a large traffic bollard directly ahead.  Now, I could have stood my ground and sent this woman to Amarillo, which would have been well within my rights.  However, I could just see the news later.  The story comes on about a missing woman, last seen heading towards Amarillo.  Her husband would be pleading for anyone with any information about her to come forward.  In the background, her children would be crying and you just know damn well that the cute little daughter would have braces on her legs or something.  I didn’t want that almost keeping me from sleeping that night, so I slowed down and let her in.  Did I get a wave?  Hell no!  That’s the thanks I get for not sending her to Amarillo and not making her children grow up without a mother.

Anyway, let’s bring back the wave.  It is a simple thing to do and shows you have a tad bit of manners.  Besides, it can make all the difference in you getting home safe to your family or winding up in Amarillo.